Outdoor Date IdeasOutdoor Date Ideas

  • Homemade boat races: Find a stream, small irrigation canal, or large gutter that has a nice flow of water. With aluminum foil or another materials of your choice, form it into a boat. Choose a starting and ending point and 1-2-3- GO!
  • Float a river or nearby canal: If its a slow very calm river, bring snacks to eat along the way. Click here for tubes.

  • Make a small parade float together for your next city parade. Its not too hard to get into a parade you just have to find the right contact. Usually it can be on whatever you want. It can be as small as a wagon or as big as a car. Have fun and get creative!
  • Campfire: Go to a near campsite, canyon, or anywhere else that allows you to have a firepit. Cook a Dutch oven dinner or another one of your campfire recipes. Roast marshmallows or starbursts! For a great list of campfire games, stories, songs, and recipes click here. Bring a guitar or harmonica if you have one to enhance the evening by the fire.

  • Rent a paddle boat: Depending on your area small lakes/inner-city ponds tend to rent these out. 

  • Go canoeing:Bring a fishing pole  just for fun to see if you can catch something! If not fishing, bring a picnic for the boat and some card games. 

  • Rent a tandem bike or regular bikes and go for a scenic bike ride. Pack a lunch and have a picnic at a beautiful location of your choice.  Date Shoppe's Picnic Date Kit. Bring a frisbee or another activity to do. 

  • Skip rocks at a lake, river, or canal. 

  • Find a pretty place in nature and sit and talk: Edge of a canyon, lookout, or by a stream to dip your feet in. Enjoy to beautiful outdoors around you. 

  • Go caving.

  • Play a unique sport such as badminton, crocket, badball, bocce ball, wall ball, four square, tetherball, pickle ball, velcro catch, etc. Check out our Unique Sport Date Kits.  

  • Go fishing: The best fishing places aren't only found in the mountains or large rivers. Ask around to see if there are any nearby lakes or ponds that have good fishing. Sometimes the best fishing is closer than you think. If you want to go fishing but are a beginner, take a look at this simplified fishing guide that will give you basic information how to catch, clean, and cook your fish so you can have a successful fishing date.
  • Take your girl shooting (or paintballing): You will be surprised at how many females actually love this kind of date. Take the necessary safety precautions. 

  • Go to an outdoor concert. 

  • Go to a drive in Movie: One couple bought a $10 couch at D.I. or had an old couch and set it up in the back up a pick up and had a barbecue while watching a movie

  • Make your own outdoor theatre: Find someone with a projector, rent, or buy one yourself. Hook this up to power with your house, or rent a generator and have it in a park or woods. Click here for affordable projectors. You can make your own screen by taking a large sheet and inserting pvc pipes on both ends. Sew a loop hole on both ends large enough for the pvc pipe to fit. See a picture. 

  • Outdoor painting: Take a small canvas and some paints and pick somewhere in nature and paint what you see. This is a very relaxing date that allows an easy flow of conversation. You can even purchase an easel to prop your painting up. Outdoor Painting Date Kit.

  • Creative tie die: Get a t-shirt, socks, hat, tie, or whatever else you want to colorize with Tie Die. Get creative and think of something you wouldn't normally tie die and give it a go! This activity is best if done outside to keep odors and stains out of the house. Tie Die Date Kit. 

  • Go Ice blocking: Purchase Ice blocks at a gas station or local convenient store. Find a smooth grassy hill. Place a towel on the ice block to sit on and slide away!

  • Go to a rodeo.

  • Go hiking or waterfall site seeing. 

  • Play tag at a playground or just have fun on the swings and other fun things! This is particularly fun at night time.
  • Horseback trail riding.

  • Rollerblading/skating. 

  • Go Skim Boarding on the beach or lake with a good beach area. Skim boards are inexpensive and a lot of fun!

  • Find a local farm that allows you to pick fruit or berries: Some states have large patches of wild berries you can pick too. Get your buckets and pick away! If you feel like being a kid again, put up a mini stand and sell your buckets of berries off a busy road and see how much money you can make together. 

  • Sports! Get a group together and play flag football, soccer, or volleyball, kickball, ultimate frisbee, or other sport of your choice. Sports Activity Packs.

  • Sand volleyball, road hockey, outdoor basketball.

  • Mud volleyball, or mud anything!

  • Go to some hot springs in your area. 

  • When is starts raining, blast your favorite tunes and go party in the rain! 
  • Capture the flag with marshmallow guns.  

  • Service activity: Rake leaves, gardening, yard work, volunteer for an event.

  • Have popicles, icecream, or other cold refreshments after your hot summer date. 



  • Slip n slide water date: Either purchase a slip n slide or make your own by purchasing a roll of plastic. Use dishsoap for an extra slippery ride. Here is the best slip-n-slide available!
  • Water baseball: Make your bases out of a sprinkler, a kiddy pool, a base where the opposite team can super soak you, and the home base a slip n slide you have to slide to the base. Use a plastic bat and a spongee ball that absorbs water as the game ball. Water Baseball Activity Kit.
  • Water Balloon Volleyball: Each partnership hold an end of a towel. Throw a water balloon back and forth over the net trying to get the opposing team to miss the catch with their towel and drop the balloon. Teams maneuver to catch the balloon for the save and pass it back to the opposing team. Water Ballon Volleyball Activity Kit. 
  • Super Soaker Capture the Flag: Play capture the flag with water balloons and super soakers. Players are considered tagged if they are pegged by a water balloon or get wet with a super-soaker. Have the jail located in a kiddy pool or sprinkler. The flag can be a marked water ballon or a traditional flag. Water Capture the Flag Activity Kit


  • Go sledding: Some ski resorts offer a sledding area with a lift to the top.  
  • Have a snow date: Build an igloo, make snow angels, or build the biggest snowman you have ever built or have a snowball fight.  End the night with hot chocolate or a hot drink. 
  • Go to an outdoor ice skating rink 
  • Go bowling. Click here for fun bowling games to mix it up!
  • Go snowshoeing
  • Go cross country skiing
  • Hot-tubbing in the snow: This is the funnest when it is actually snowing outside!
  • Ice-fishing
  • Snowmobilling




We'd love to hear from you!  Add an idea and get entered into a drawing we have each month to win any board game of your choice up to a $30 dollar value.  
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